City of Shadows Megagame


Last Saturday I found myself at another Megagame – this time a game by Jim and Brian called ‘City of shadows’.

This game was set in a 1930’s prohibition USA. There were numerous gangs set up around the city, each with their own base of operation and looking to carve out more. There were police units, overworked and not sure where their ethics lay. The Feds had been called in to try and aid the police. Over these were judges and commissioners and the mayor of the city. Then for the stranger part of the game, we had vigilantes and mad scientists.

For this game, I had requested to be a scientists. So I was assigned the role of Professor Emilia Gargunza.


The Game

Upon arrival I was shown to my lab, a quaint underground cave in which I could conduct my experiments safely. My fellow scientists (or should I say frauds!) were given labs located near me and away from the chaos of the city.

Early on my graduate (Mike) and I saw that we didn’t have enough resources for our blueprints, curses! Which meant venturing out to the city and searching for the things we needed. We decided splitting up was the best strategy.

Sadly my die rolls were awful (apparently Emilia falls over her feet and passes out whenever she tries to search any location) and so that was getting us nowhere.

Never one to be deterred I decided to go about things the old fashioned way – lying and manipulating to get what I wanted. The gangs seemed to have science resources, and yet they didn’t even know what to do with them.

I tried Regan’s Boys but they just passed me around from lackey to lackey. The City Shamrocks were no better, no one would actually make the final decision to work with me. The Sicilians had come round to the scientists earlier and so I didn’t trust them. That left the Vaikinai girls and the El Hombres. The girls and me had some great discussions on feminism in the city but it was the El Hombres who showed the most promise.


During these negotiations, a city cop kept nagging me about doing dangerous science in the city. I fobbed him off onto my assistant who informed him that we were merely architects. Building a hotel. A science hotel to educate the people of the city. And it was merely a coincidence that it was shaped like a giant metal robot.

Sadly rather than making the cop leave us alone, he started nagging us for money for building permits.

Virus Wild Card

My faithful graduate had pointed out that my virus blue print had the greatest damage. This was going to be our piece de resistance, our way to show the city that we were not a little scientist throwing small robots at gangs. we were a force to be reckoned with, an ally to none!

But I wasn’t so sure that my gang ‘allies’ would be on board with a virus that was untested and had unforeseen effects. Best to lie.

‘Yup I can make you a fear ray. It erm…scares your enemies away’

‘Great! I need these 6 resources for that. And money’

My virus only took 3 resources but it seemed best to grab as much as I could before shit hit the fan.

The virus would take 6 turns but I couldn’t wait that long! I spent time in my lab researching to speed it up. The second in command for the El Hombres kept appearing wanting to know where his ray was.

‘Yup it takes a few turns….also I need more money’

Before long it was ready!

Laying the Plans

My virus was almost ready! But Jim informed us that the players would have half an hour to find it and defuse it before it went off, drat!

I needed to safeguard my virus!

I went up to the El Hombres and informed that that I would have to ‘deploy’ my fear ray into an area and that I would control it. They had some beef with the Shamrocks and so they asked it to be deployed to North map. I then went to the corner map and made a show of loudly saying:

‘Oh Sicilian’s? Your base is here? Interesting. Hmmm  I may need to put something here. Ok bye!’

But that wasn’t enough to protect my baby. I had to call in the big guns. Luckily for me the city had turned on one of the vigilantes and put out a warrant for his arrest. He’d come to me earlier asking for asylum in my lab. Maybe now I had use for him.


My Moment of Greatness

It was time! Jim rang his whistle and I ascended to the stage. I politely informed all the cockroaches of the city that I had hidden a virus somewhere and in half an hour it would be unleashed, affecting an area of the map!

I then ran back to my lab and hid under a chair.

The press came to speak to me and I told them my demands – equal pay for women, shut down the prostitution rings, the Lithuanian girls and the El Hombres put in charge and the mayor to step down.

I agreed to meet the mayor in the desert to tell him the location of the bomb. Of course I never showed up.

A vigilante known as ‘hero by night’ came to see me. He asked what it would take to persuade me to tell him of the location of the bomb. My science resources he had stolen from my hotel of course! He came rushing back with 3 science cards, the press kindly took a photo of us shaking hands while he handed them over and I told him I’d placed the underground bomb under city hall.

I lied.

He ran back to the other vigilantes. One of them asked if I had lied. Hero by night informed them that he believed me, I had an honest face. They all then spent ages searching the city hall (including the basement) for my bomb.

My friendly neighbourhood vigilante, the fighting fool, guarded my virus. He told the mayor he’d searched the north map and it was safe. He used this to get rid of his warrant.

I had coated some trees in the hospital park in a toxin, when the wind blew my virus was unleashed.

Zombie attack


Of course there was a warrant for my arrest so I hid in my lab. The zombies wandered the north map, murmuring my name. My graduate took this opportunity to buy a hazmat suit and a white van, and go into the quarantine zone, pretending to be part of the government clean up crew. He brought us back lots of science cards.

The end of my reign

After the virus had dispersed I made a giant robot spider (named Eric), mounted a confusion ray on his back, and loaned him out to El Hombres to help them regain territory. He was a good spider and did quite a bit of damage.

I eventually ventured out of my lab to attend a party held by them, where I ate a lot of pringles. Sadly they wouldn’t let Eric into the party.

And soon after came the end of the megagame. Where I was rightfully crowned the one, true scientist.


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